How To Get Rid Of The Old Backyard Concrete Tennis Court From Your New House

If you have purchased a new home, and the previous owners were tennis fanatics who had their own personal court, then you've got a big job ahead of you. Unless you are also tennis enthusiasts who want the court, it should be removed. There's no reason to have a huge slab of concrete in your backyard. It could be better suited as a large green space to have a picnic table and chairs, area for an inground pool, or your own vegetable garden.

2 Safety Systems to Inspect as You Are Opening Your New Business

When you are getting ready to open the door to your business for the first time, there are many factors that you need to consider from merchandising to staffing and everything in between. However, one of the factors that you may not be considering right as you are about to open your new business is all of the safety factors and systems that you need to have in place. Before you open the doors, it is important for you and your business (as well as to your customers) to ensure that all of your safety systems are in place and functioning properly.

Impacted By The Recent Hurricane? 4 Steps To Take To Preserve Your Drywall

If your home suffered water damage when Hurricane Matthew went through, you'll need to take care of the drywall as soon as possible. Water can destroy your drywall, especially if clean-up is delayed. As soon as you're able to get back into your home, you should get started on the drywall clean-up. Here are four steps you should take to preserve your drywall. Open the Windows Mold can grow quite quickly, especially when the conditions are humid.

Remodeling Your Old House? Steps to Take Before You Start Tearing Down Walls

When you have an older house, eventually you will probably want to do some remodeling to allow for more modern conveniences that you and your family enjoy. However, if you have never undertaken a major renovation or remodeling project before, the prospect can seem daunting to say the least. One of the best parts of owning an older house is all of the charm and uniqueness that goes along with it, and you do not want to lose that as you renovate and remodel.

Troubleshooting A Leaking Electric Water Heater

If your home's electric water heater is leaking water, then it is having a problem that requires your immediate attention. While some leaks have a simple fix, other leaks are a sign of an impending failure of your water heater's tank. It is very important to know which situation you are dealing with. If you let the water heater continue to leak, then you may come home one day to find that the tank has split and water has flooded your garage.

Want To Set Up The Perfect Gaming Room? 3 Ways An Electrician Can Help

Creating the perfect game room can be a great way to have a place to wind down and relax at home, along with having all of your gaming gear in one place. If you converted a spare bedroom or even a basement into a gaming room, you may be curious about what else you can do to make it as enjoyable and functional as possible. Instead of fixing up your game room with only cosmetic details, consider some of the additions that an experienced electrician can make.

Exploring The Best Roofing Options For A Flat Roof

If you're looking to renovate your flat roof, you have several options for keeping the existing structure in place. There's no need to spend thousands of dollars on transforming the flat roof into a pitched one, not when you have multiple options for renovating or replacing it Built-Up Roofing When most people think of flat roofs, this is the type of roofing that comes to mind. Multiple layers of hot tar, a waterproof layer, and gravel make up this roof.

Tips For Selecting The Right Windows As A Senior

When you're a young homeowner, you can pretty much put any type of window into your home and it will do just fine. As you get older, there are some things you should consider to make sure that the windows you are putting into your home are the best possible choice. These tips will help you select the right window as a senior. Ability To Open If you are suffering from arthritis, you will want a window that you are able to open very easily.

4 Unique Ways To Use Tile In Your Home

Remodeling your home can be a simple way to increase both the financial and aesthetic value of your property. When engaging in a home remodel, it can be beneficial to think about incorporating tile into your project. Here are four unique ways you might want to include tile in your home. 1. Use tile on the wall of a small nook in your home. If your home has a small nook, using tile can be a simple way to create a dramatic accent wall.

Safety Precautions To Keep In Mind When Doing Your Own Electrical Projects

If you have an upcoming electrical job in your home that requires attention and you've read extensively about it, you might be ready to take the plunge and get the job done yourself. While it's important to avoid tackling something that's beyond your expertise level -- bigger jobs are best to leave for an electrician -- you can experience a significant sense of accomplishment doing the job yourself. Where electrical work is concerned, safety is paramount.