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Six Things To Know About Septic Tank Pumping

If you are living in a home that runs on a septic system, there are some basic things you should know about septic tank pumping to ensure that your system stays well maintained.

The following are six things to know about septic tank pumping:

Septic tank pumping involves removing the solid "sludge" from the tank.

Over time, solid sludge accumulates in a septic system as wastewater flows out of a home and into the tank. This sludge needs to be pumped out periodically to ensure that the septic system continues to operate properly. 

Septic tanks that are in need of pumping may show certain symptoms.

Homeowners should know how to recognize a septic system that requires pumping. Signs that are frequently seen when the tank needs to be pumped out include drains that empty slowly, pooling water in the yard, and unusual or unpleasant odors emanating from the tank. 

It costs $375 on average to have a septic tank pumped out.

The cost of septic tank pumping typically varies between around $295 and $610 and averages out to $375. How much the procedure costs will vary depending on factors including the size of the septic system and the area in which the home is located.  

Generally speaking, a septic tank needs to be pumped out one time every three to five years.

There are numerous factors that impact how frequently a septic tank needs to be cleaned out. These include how large the household in question is, how much water the household uses, and what size the septic tank is. However, on average, tank pumping is necessary around once every three to five years

The actual procedure of pumping out a septic tank doesn't take long.

Fortunately, septic tank pumping is a simple and fast procedure. Your septic tank service simply needs to hook some equipment up to your septic tank and pump out the solids. The entire process should be completed within only an hour or two. 

Clogs and wastewater backup eventually develop in a septic system if the tank is not pumped out for a long period of time.

There will eventually be consequences if you neglect to have your septic tank pumped out when needed.

Clogs will eventually develop in your septic system as your tank begins to overflow with sludge. Also, your plumbing fixtures will start to back up if pumping is neglected so that wastewater will flow out of them and create very unpleasant and unsanitary situations in your home. 

For more information, contact a local septic tank pumping service