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A Boundary Survey Is Important As A Homeowner So You Know Where You Can Build A Fence

There are several types of land surveys that are used for different reasons. Some surveys are highly detailed and used for things like establishing the flood elevation of a property or obtaining a mortgage. If you want a survey so you can put up a fence in the right location, then you need a boundary survey. This type of survey identifies your property lines so you know for sure where you can put up a fence without encroaching on your neighbor's properties. Here's a look at how the process works.

Inspect Your Property

Your property may already have markers that pinpoint the corners of your property. Even if markers are present, a surveyor completes the survey in the usual manner since it's possible the markers are not in the right position. However, the surveyor will use the location of the markers as an additional piece of information that's used to determine the location of your property lines.

Look Up Old Records

A land survey involves a lot of research as well as field work. County records of your property are examined to note where boundaries were marked when the property was first divided or sold the last time. In addition to county property records, the surveyor may need to look at old wills or even interview previous owners to get more information about the land. Because of the work involved, it usually takes a few days to get the results of your survey.

Mark The Boundaries

Once the boundaries have been confirmed, the surveyor marks the lines. Permanent markers are often put in the corners for future reference and small flags may be pushed into the soil along the length of the property lines for your visual reference as you plan your fence location. The surveyor takes precise measurements of each side of your property and locates them with GPS readings. This data is then provided to you for your records and is added to your property file with the city or county.

A boundary survey gives you peace of mind you can avoid conflicts with your neighbor over the location of your new fence. It's well worth the investment to have a boundary survey done when you're a homeowner so you don't encroach on a neighbor's property and so you know if a neighbor is encroaching on yours. A boundary survey usually marks setbacks and easements as well so you know where you can build permanent structures on your land and where you have to leave the land open for access.