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4 Ways Stay Safe When Working on Your Roof This Summer

Summer is a great time to get up on your roof and do some basic roofing repairs. If you decide to get up on your roof this summer, you are going to want to be careful. In addition to regular roofing precautions, you also need to watch out for the heat.

Look at the Weather Forecast

Before you climb up on your roof, watch the weather forecast. You don't want to get up on the roof on a day when a thunderstorm is expected to blow in. You are also not going to want to work on a day that is so hot and humid that there is heat advisory in your area. Choose a clear, nice day that is not striving to break heat records.

Get an Early Start

Next, you are going to want to get an early start. As the day goes on, the sun is simply going to hit your roof even more and make everything hotter, including you. Get an early start. Ideally, you are going to want to get up on the roof before the sun is even all the way up in the sky. It's light outside before the sun fully rises, so get up on your roof super early. This will help you beat the heat and ensure that you don't get overheated.

Bring Water with You

It is important to stay well hydrated. If you are working on a dark-colored roof, the heat from the sun is going to reflect back onto you. You are going to get even hotter when you are working up on your roof. Some companies, like Liberty Exteriors LLC, know that you do not want to experience a heat stroke when you are up on your roof. When you get a heat stroke, you can get flushed, dizzy, nauseous, and experience confusion and irritability. This is not a state that you want to be in when you are on your roof. You can avoid experiencing heat stroke by drinking plenty of water while you are working on your roof.

Wear Your Safety Equipment

Make sure that you wear all the right safety equipment. Do not skimp on safety equipment just because it is hot outside. You should still wear a hard hat to protect your head from injury. You should also wear a harness and have a personal fall arrest system in place. Falls from roofs are a serious deal, even when working outside in really nice weather.

If you are planning on doing some work on your roof this summer, check the weather, get an early start, bring some water with you, and wear your safety gear.