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Reasons That You Need Built-In Power On Your New Deck

If you're planning a deck rebuild with a general contractor, it's fun to dream up the features that you might wish to enjoy and then see if your contractor can execute them. While there might be a series of enticing things that you want your deck to offer, don't forget about the importance of having the deck constructed with built-in power — in other words, a few power outlets build into the deck posts so that power is always nearby, just as you enjoy in the various rooms inside your home. Here are some reasons to get built-in power for your deck.

Ease Of Powering Various Devices

There are many different devices that you'll often use on your deck, and many of them require power. For example, you might use an outdoor stereo system, an electric smoker, a bug zapper, and a long list of other power-needing products at various times. Homeowners who have decks without built-in power will commonly need to run extension cords from their outdoor devices to outlets inside the house, which can be a hassle. With built-in power, it's extremely easy to power whatever you need to.

More Separation Between Inside And Outside

When you need to run extension cords between the electrical devices on your deck and the wall outlets inside your home, you'll need to leave the sliding door open a crack. This can be problematic for a couple reasons. If it's an extremely hot day and you're enjoying relaxing on the deck, leaving the door open even an inch will allow hot air to flow inside. Given that you're probably running the air conditioner in your home, the open door can make it more difficult for the A/C to heat the home. Additionally, if you're enjoying something noisy such as an outdoor stereo, the open door means that it will be more audible for those who are indoors. With outdoor power, you can keep the door to the deck tightly sealed.

You'll Use The Outlets More Than You Might Think

While power outlets built into your deck might seem perfect for powering devices on the deck, you may quickly notice that they're coming in even handier. For example, if you have an electric lawnmower or weed trimmer, it's easy to plug either device into a power outlet on the deck when you need to work in your yard. Other devices that you might use in the yard, such as a power washer to clean your siding, are handy when you have power on the deck.

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