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3 Things To Know About Your Private Water Well If Your Property Is Exposed To A Hurricane

When you are in the process of preparing for an impending hurricane, water will be one of your top priorities. You will probably spend a lot of time stocking up on bottled water, filling containers around the house, and generally making sure you can make it a few days even if you don't have access to running water. If you rely on a private water well for your home water supply, preparing for a hurricane can take on whole new meanings. In fact, having a well actually means you have to be a little more mindful about water for your home before, during, and after the storm:

You may not be able to gather enough water from your well to get fully prepared. 

If you are riding out a hurricane at home, it can mean you will be inside for several days and not have access to running water. So naturally, you will want to fill up buckets, containers, and even pots and pans to have on hand for cooking, flushing the toilet, or washing up. The problem with a water well is that these systems can only supply so much water at once because the well naturally fills via surrounding groundwater systems. Therefore, you may not be able to get enough water from your well alone to be fully prepared.

You may not have access to running water for longer than a home on public water. 

When water is publicly supplied, it's not uncommon for flooding to cause problems with supply to local residents. However, these problems tend to be temporary for the most part, so water will probably be available again not long after the storm has passed through unless flooding is pretty substantial. Unfortunately, with a water well, the well itself can get flooded with contaminated water, which means you may have to wait longer to have running water to your home if this happens. 

You may have to have your well and its components repaired before it is usable again. 

City water supplies are overseen by the city, which means even if aquifers, pumps, or other problems occur, they have the funds and manpower to fix things fairly quickly. With a privately owned water well, you could be facing similar problems and will have to be on top of cleaning and repairs. Hurricane flooding can damage your well pump, contaminate the well so that it has to be professionally cleaned and cause a full list of other problems.

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