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Impacted By The Recent Hurricane? 4 Steps To Take To Preserve Your Drywall

If your home suffered water damage when Hurricane Matthew went through, you'll need to take care of the drywall as soon as possible. Water can destroy your drywall, especially if clean-up is delayed. As soon as you're able to get back into your home, you should get started on the drywall clean-up. Here are four steps you should take to preserve your drywall.

Open the Windows

Mold can grow quite quickly, especially when the conditions are humid. The first thing you should do when you get back to your home is open the windows. Opening the windows will allow the air to circulate throughout your home. For best results, be sure to open all of your windows. This will ensure that there's a good cross breeze to circulate the air and prevent mold growth.

Drain the Water

Once you have the windows open, you'll need to start draining the water. If you have a minimum amount of water – a few inches throughout your home – you can use a shop vacuum to clean up the mess. However, if you have more than a few inches of water throughout your home, you should bring in sump pumps to remove the water. For maximum effectiveness, place a sump pump in each room during the draining process. Once the majority of the water has been removed, you can clean up the rest using shop vacuums.

Remove the Baseboard

Once the water soaks into the drywall, it can be difficult to dry it out, especially if you leave the baseboards in place. The baseboards will lock moisture in, allowing it to soak deeper into the drywall layers. To provide maximum drying power, and prevent mold growth, remove the baseboard in all of the rooms affected by water damage. If water has been allowed to seep behind your walls, removing the baseboards will allow you to use your crevice tool to remove water from along the lower edges of your drywall.

Bring in the Fans

As soon as you've drained the water and removed the baseboard, it will be time to bring in the industrial fans. The fans will ensure that your drywall and concrete are able to dry thoroughly. Be sure to place one fan in each room, and focus the air current directly on your drywall.

If your home has been damaged by the recent hurricane, you'll need to get things cleaned up quickly. Use the tips provided here to preserve your drywall. For problem areas, such as areas where the drywall has been saturated with water, be sure to speak to your contractor about drywall replacement. You can also contact companies like Mike's Drywall Service Inc.