Signs Your Asphalt Roof Needs to Be Repaired

Exploring The Best Roofing Options For A Flat Roof

If you're looking to renovate your flat roof, you have several options for keeping the existing structure in place. There's no need to spend thousands of dollars on transforming the flat roof into a pitched one, not when you have multiple options for renovating or replacing it

Built-Up Roofing

When most people think of flat roofs, this is the type of roofing that comes to mind. Multiple layers of hot tar, a waterproof layer, and gravel make up this roof. One of the benefits of this type is that the rocky layer makes an excellent fire retardant. Additionally, in recent years the waterproof layer has moved past tar paper and onto materials like fiberglass.

Modified Bitumen

This type of flat roof involves a roll of material that is laid out onto the roof structure. It is one of the only flat roofs that can be installed easily by you, but you have to be careful. Some of the systems involve torches, like bitumen felt which is melt-welded by a large blowtorch as it is applied. It isn't as wear resistant as other types of roofs, but it is easy to repair.

EPDM (Rubber Membranes)

EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer and is just a fancy way of saying rubber. This roofing material will remind you of walking on an inner tube or a bunch of tires; it's made of the same material. This roof is applied in one layer, which eliminates any seams or joins. It is usually glued to the underlayer, providing a great vapor barrier.

Fiberglass and PVC

Fiberglass roofs are fairly new to the flat roof market. This roof uses a custom resin that allows the roof material to expand and contract with the temperature, preventing cracking. The fiberglass is applied in one or two layers and provides a seamless coat. Additionally, factory made trim is available to provide a bit of decoration and the fiberglass can be dyed virtually any color you can think of. The main drawback to a fiberglass roof is its price. However, the durability and lifespan of this roof is the greatest of all flat roof types currently used if properly installed.

There are several options for replacing your flat roof, all of which vary in cost and ease of installation. Make sure to consult with a licensed professional from a company like Wayne Siding & Home Improvements to explore all of your options.