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Tips For Selecting The Right Windows As A Senior

When you're a young homeowner, you can pretty much put any type of window into your home and it will do just fine. As you get older, there are some things you should consider to make sure that the windows you are putting into your home are the best possible choice. These tips will help you select the right window as a senior.

Ability To Open

If you are suffering from arthritis, you will want a window that you are able to open very easily. Even those that do not have arthritis should make this consideration, because you could develop it later in life.

A sliding window will be great for someone that has arthritis. The window easily glides on its tracks from left to right. A hung window will be ideal as well, since new models are easy to lift upwards. There are even hung windows that close and open by pressing a button, though it is a feature you will need to pay more for.

Avoid a casement window that uses a crank for closing and opening. You could find it too difficult to operate on your own.

Window Glare

Anybody that wears glasses knows all too well about the problems with glare on your glasses. It causes problems with being able to see, making it quite the annoyance. Thankfully, you can get a window that has a coating that will prevent glares from happening by reflecting the sun. This feature is not typically standard, so you will need to pay extra for it.

An anti-glare coating will help with your eyesight and will also be more energy efficient because it keeps the sun's rays out of the house. In addition, it will help prevent furniture and carpeting near your windows from fading.


Unless you are hiring somebody else to do the cleaning, you want windows that are simple to clean. If you are getting double hung windows, select a model that has sashes that swing inward. It will let you clean the window without needing to go outside with a ladder, making the process much easier to do.

Still not sure what type of window you need? Schedule a consultation with a window contractor in your area. They can come to your home to take measurements of all your windows, and then give you an accurate price quote based on the models you are considering. For more information, visit websites like