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4 Unique Ways To Use Tile In Your Home

Remodeling your home can be a simple way to increase both the financial and aesthetic value of your property. When engaging in a home remodel, it can be beneficial to think about incorporating tile into your project.

Here are four unique ways you might want to include tile in your home.

1. Use tile on the wall of a small nook in your home.

If your home has a small nook, using tile can be a simple way to create a dramatic accent wall. Decorative designs like herringbone or fun colors like iridescent tiles can easily be used to create an artistic inlay that is sure to increase the aesthetic value of any small living space in your home.

Be sure to select tiles in a color and pattern that you find enjoyable when using tile to create a focal wall in a small nook during your next remodel.

2. Use tile to dress up your stairway.

Stairs serve as a major architectural feature in many homes. If you want your stairway to be more aesthetically pleasing, you might want to think about tiling the risers of each stair.

Adding colorful glass tiles that match the color palette running through your home to the riser of each stair is a simple way to not only add style and elegance to your home, but durable glass tiles can also protect your stairs from scuff marks or other forms of damage. 

3. Use tile to add drama to your outdoor living space.

Making the choice to tile the floor of your outdoor living space can be a great way to update the look of your home. Unique tile products, like those that change color as the temperature rises and falls, can create a dramatic atmosphere.

Since the temperature fluctuates in an outdoor living space, your outdoor patio is the perfect place to display unique color-changing tiles.

4. Use tile to create a faux area rug.

Area rugs are designed to help define your living area, but sometimes caring for a rug can be more work than you might want to take on. Create the look of an area rug by using decorative tile inlaid into your existing hardwood flooring, and you will have a faux rug that is easy to clean. 

Finding unique ways to incorporate different types of tile into your home remodel can give your living area an unexpected appeal.