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The Advantages Of A Glass Rail System

Choosing rails for a balcony or porch is an important choice. You have to weigh cost, safety, aesthetics, weather protection, maintenance, weight, and other factors to decide which railing will work best for your home. While wooden railings are the traditional standard, there are a few advantages to choosing a glass rail system.


Wooden rail systems can pose safety hazards in a couple of different ways. For one, children can get their heads stuck in the rails if they are not correctly spaced. For another, wood will slowly decompose and can break under the weight of people leaning up against it. Cable railings could allow people to fall through the railing and are best when used in spaces that will not be frequented by young children. Glass railings and the stainless steel components that hold them in place will not degrade over time and consist of solid panels, so you eliminate the hazards inherent to using wood or cable railings. 


If you have a beautiful view from your deck, then you will want to do everything you can to maximize your opportunities to take in the view. Wood or cable railings can interrupt the view. Glass railings should be transparent and will allow deck-goers to appreciate the view from a standing or seated position. Thus, glass affords the best opportunity to connect with your surroundings. 


If you want to avoid staining and replacing rotten components of your deck, you should use materials that are impervious or nearly impervious to the environment. Structural glass should withstand wind-borne projectiles, so replacing broken components should not be a problem. Furthermore, the only maintenance your railing should require is an occasional washing .


If you live in an area that gets a lot of wind, it can make standing on your deck not so fun. Glass railings will act as wind blocks, which is a benefit that you cannot get from other railing systems. 

When you choose a railing system, you should be willing to look past initial cost if you get superior benefits for your money. Glass railings can be quite expensive, but in many ways, they outperform less expensive railing choices. They can even add to overall value of your home, and they come in a few different styles that will allow you to find a unique, beautiful railing system that will help to set your home apart from other homes in your neighborhood. 

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