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3 Tips For Avoiding Exposure To Asbestos When Viewing Old Homes

If you want to purchase an older home that may have material in it that contains asbestos, you'll need to take precautions before viewing the home. Asbestos is not healthy for people to breathe in or come in contact with, and has been banned for years in the United States. Many older homes, however, have leftover asbestos in them from a time when it was not illegal. If you want to purchase and renovate an older home that has asbestos, you need to be careful when viewing the home. 

Wear A Mask

Any time you enter a home that may have asbestos, you need to wear a mask. Asbestos is composed of tiny fibers that you may not be able to seek with your naked eye, but that you can breathe into your lungs. You do not want any asbestos to get into your body.

When inspecting and viewing a home that is known to be affected with asbestos, you don't want to wear just any kind of mask. You need to purchase a self-containing breathing mask. These types of masks use a HEPA filter to clean the area that you breathe. 

Wear Protective Clothing

You don't want to carry asbestos fibers out of the house you are viewing and into your car and your home. You should purchase a full-body suit to put over your clothes before you view a home that has asbestos in it. You can purchase paint suits that will cover all your clothes, including your shoes, at your local home improvement or paint stores. 

After you walk through the home, you'll want to put your full-body paint suit into a sealed bag so that no loose fibers get out. If possible, you should also change your entire outfit as well, even though it was covered up, just in case some fibers got on the rest of your outfit.

Take A Shower

After you finish a day of viewing old homes with asbestos in them, be sure to take a shower as soon as you get home. Asbestos fibers that you may not even see or feel can become attached to your hair and skin. A shower is the safest way to remove them.

By taking all of the precautions above while viewing older homes that you are interested in purchasing that contain asbestos, you should protect yourself from becoming exposed. Before you put in your final offer, you should have an asbestos abatement company—like IRS Environmental of WA Inc. or another location—inspect the home and provide you with a quote for removing the asbestos. Should you choose to purchase an older home that has asbestos in it, the first thing you will want to do after you purchase the home is have the asbestos removed.