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Choosing The Right Storage Equipment For Your Warehouse

If you own and operate a warehouse, having your inventory and other materials properly stored and organized can mean the difference between a productive environment and a disorganized mess. Getting the right storage equipment for your needs can make finding items easier, reducing overhead costs. If you're in the market for some new ways to keep your company in a better state of organization, check out some options that can help create a better workflow.


Large plastic bins are a great way to keep smaller items like screws, nuts, bolts, and nails in their proper place. These bins should be made of heavy duty plastic or metal to be able to withstand heavy use. Stacking bins are even better since they'll allow you to store items vertically, giving you more floor space.


Use free standing lockers to keep things safely under lock and key. These can be used to store tools and other items that employees need permission to use. If you need to store flammable items like paints and other chemicals, use a special locker made of non corrosive material. Clearly mark the outside of the locker to indicate that it's being used to store flammable items, and make sure no one has access to these lockers without your permission.

Racks and Shelving

You can customize your storage needs by purchasing racks and shelving. These racks can be cut to size at any height or width you need, and shelves can be added to provide easy access to everything at arm's length. Use the racks and shelves for placing materials that people reach for frequently, and keep them organized by marking each aisle as to what is stored on the corresponding shelves. This will make finding items quick and easy.


For items that are too large to place in a locker but still need to be kept secure, consider having lockable cages added to your warehouse. Most of these cages are made from fence material and are designed to provide a large enclosure with a gate attached. This is ideal for storing heavier equipment that needs to be checked out and also needs to be kept secure. You can have cages installed anywhere you like and can have them made in custom sizes.


Large wooden palettes are inexpensive, and a great way to stack heavy items up and out of the way. If you need to move something on a palette, it can be easily moved using a forklift. Palettes are a great option for stacking things up in a corner away from foot traffic until you're ready to remove and use them. Explore some of the many storage options available to you so that you'll be able to transform your space into a well organized working warehouse.

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