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3 Reasons to Have Your Parking Lot Restriped and Repainted

You might already know about the benefits of having your parking lot sealcoated every few years, such as preventing additional damage and making your parking lot look like new. However, you might just see restriping as a necessity after having your parking lot sealcoated rather than something that can be beneficial on its own. These are a few reasons why restriping and repainting your parking lot every few years can be a smart idea.

1. Make Parking Lot Changes to Accommodate Your Growing Business

There is a chance that things have changed since you originally had your parking lot painted. For example, you might have the need to add additional parking spaces to support your growing business. Your paving professional can help you consider new parking arrangements and can help you take better advantage of your available space. You can also make other changes, such as adding special parking for customers with children, customers who are picking up online or to-go orders, or other specific customers.

2. Avoid Confusion

Have you ever noticed that some of your customers seem confused about the flow of traffic in your parking lot? This can be caused by poorly-marked parking areas or lines and directions that are starting to fade. Having your parking lot repainted can help you make these things a bit more clear for your customers, which can make your parking lot less confusing for your patrons and even help prevent accidents.

3. Ensure That You're in Compliance

As a business owner who has dedicated parking, you are legally required to offer a certain number of handicapped parking spaces for customers who have special needs. Even though you might not be held to the same standards if your parking lot was already existing when the laws were put into place, it is best to be fully compliant. Having your parking lot repainted can help you ensure that you are following the laws and that customers with special needs have parking when they visit your business. Along with creating handicapped parking spaces if they aren't already available, your paving company can also ensure that these spaces are properly and visibly marked.

As you can see, having your parking lot repainted is related to more than just having it sealcoated. Repainting can carry its own benefits, even if your parking lot does not currently need to be sealcoated. Contact a service like Pioneer Seal Coat LLC to schedule either service.