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Two Substances That Can Block A Drain Quickly

Drains in your home are very particular about what you put or pour down them. The smaller the drain and the feed pipe underneath it, the more frequently you will have problems getting anything to go down the drain. For a proper drain cleaning, you may have to enlarge the drain and the plumbing or unscrew all of the plumbing and use a wire bottle brush to clear out sticky clogs. There are some substances you should avoid putting or pouring down a drain entirely. Here is how to rid your drains of two of the worst drain-blocking substances found in every home.


Long hair, as everyone knows, can clog a drain. Yet, you probably did not know that even razor stubble can clog a sink too. This may be surprising because most people assume that since a daily face shave does not produce any long hair, the hair will go straight down the drain without any problems. Unfortunately, it is not the length of the hair in the sink but the volume of hair. When a lot of long, short or stubble hairs are washed down, some of that hair collects in or near the trap, which is the U-shaped part of the plumbing under the sink. As it collects, it starts to rot, creating a nasty pile of organic matter that clogs up the sink. Using a drain flushing pump regularly helps push the hair past this area and stops the rotting mess from occurring.

Grease and Liquid Fats

In your kitchen sink, you may regularly drain the grease and/or liquid fats from your meats as you cook. If you are not running scalding hot water down the drain for several minutes afterwards, then you are allowing those fats and that grease to cool and solidify. This creates a phenomena equivalent to blockages in your arteries from the high lipids in your blood. Once solidified, the fats and grease begin to close up the openings to the rest of the plumbing until you can no longer run water down the drain and not have it back up into your sink.

If you are going to pour liquid fat and grease down your drain, pour a lot of hot water or boiling water down after it for several minutes. Doing so will make sure the grease and fats do not have time to stick to the pipe walls and become solid again.

For really stubborn clogs, talk to a company in your area, like Rapid Rooter Inc.