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Landscaping 101: 5 Common Types Of Gravel

Low maintenance yards are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and ease. With less grass, homeowners spend less time and money on fertilizers and fancy machines. They also save on water usage.

If you are interested in creating a low maintenance yard, consider landscaping with gravel. There are several types of gravel available, each with its own design appeal. Here are five common choices for landscaping gravel:

1. Pea Gravel

A very common landscaping rock, pea gravel—or beach pebbles—are small rocks that have no rough edges. This type of gravel comes in a variety of colors, usually in neutral shades of tan or brown. The small size of the gravel is ideal for many landscaping applications, including borders and entire ground covers. Pea gravel can also be used as mulch to keep weeds and unwanted plants at bay.

2. River Rock

A bit larger than pea gravel, river rock is another landscaping gravel with smooth edges. Worn down and smoothed over by the water, it's a nice rock for many applications. It can be used to create borders, fancy designs, and more. It is also ideal for covering the entire ground.

River rock comes in several colors. However, darker shades of gray and light shades of white and beige are the most common. This type of rock also offers plenty of visual appeal with its many shapes—some large and some small.

3. Lava Rock

Mined from volcanoes, lava rock is a unique type of ground covering due its beautiful reddish-brown hue. However, you can also find it deep shades of red or black—which make it truly astounding. As you might expect, lava rock is versatile, and like most landscaping rock, it can be used to form shapes, edges, and beds. Although larger than some other types of rock, lava rock can also be used to cover an entire yard.

However, lava rock is not very smooth and it can be difficult to walk on. Keep that in mind if you choose to cover your entire yard with it.

4. Rainbow Rock

A mix of several types of gravel, rainbow rock comes in various colors and color variations. A single bag of this gravel might come in shades of gray, black, red, and brown—so it's fun, visually speaking. Like some other types of gravel, it has a smooth surface. It's beauty and smoothness make it ideal for several applications, including full ground covers.

5. Recycled Glass Gravel

Made from recycled glass like the name suggests, this gravel is truly beautiful. It comes in bright, vivid colors such as turquoise, blue, and green. Although it is commonly used to mimic water, it can also be used to create borders and stunning patterns. It's also light and smooth enough to use as an entire ground cover. Plus, it's eco-friendly.

If you are thinking about making your yard a little less cumbersome, consider implanting gravel as a landscape design. With the right choice and a skilled contractor, you'll have a stunning yard in no time.