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Creating A Water Splash Park In Your Playground

If you are on the recreational committee for your neighborhood playground, and you are looking for a new fun way to draw in townspeople on a hot summer day, consider adding a water splash park for small children to use. This is a relatively inexpensive item to install and can be enjoyed by even the youngest visitors. Here are some guidelines you can use to make the splash park a hit.

Making Preparations

You will need to have an underground tank installed that is filled with water. When the splash park is in use, the water will filter through a grated area to go back inside the tank. The tank will filter out any impurities so that the water being used will also be clean. The filter will need to be checked and replaced yearly by the company that installs the tank for you.

To make preparations, find a spot where the sun will be beating down on the area. The splash park will be used when it is very hot, so placement is important if you want to have people use it regularly. Map out the area where the tank will be installed and make sure there is ample room for a few benches and a tree or two for shade.

Placing The Mechanisms

Water jets and fountains are placed before asphalt covers the area. Place different types of jets so that the water pressure will be different for area where water is emitted. Water jets that go off intermittently will make the area fun for children to run through, as the air of mystery will await while moving from one spot to another. Use flexible tubing to place on the ends of the mechanisms so that the asphalt company will not cover them when laying the asphalt.

Placing The Flooring

Have an asphalt paving company place a slab of asphalt on the ground. The company will take great care to place the asphalt around the mechanisms in a way where the water will be able to come out of a hole without showing the fountain or jet material. They will also be able to create an area where water will drain down into the tank underneath to be recycled.The asphalt will need a few days to cure before the water park will be able to be used.

Setting Specified Times

Post a list of times that the water park will be in use. Since someone will need to be around to turn the water supply on and off, it should be monitored so the water will not run out on a hot day and so someone is available in case of a problem. The water supply will renew when it rains and can also be filled up with a hose. 

Contact an asphalt paver like Phend & Brown today to make plans. A splash park could be just what the town needs to stay cool this summer!