Signs Your Asphalt Roof Needs to Be Repaired

Three Affordable Alternatives To Conventional Roofing Products

There are many different roofing products that you can choose from to have installed on your home, which conventional roofing shingles have some disadvantages. This is why there are many alternatives available now, such as metal roofing tiles, PVC roofing panels and synthetic roofing materials, which are affordable and durable roofing solutions. Some of these products can even outlast conventional asphalt shingles, and are very affordable. Here are three alternatives to conventional roofing products that you may want to consider using on your roof installation:

1. PVC Roofing Tiles And Panels

There are many different types of plastic or PVC roofing products, which include roofing tiles and decorative roofing products. These products may not be ideal for complete roofing solutions, but can be good for things like sun rooms and small additions, sheds and garages. There are some higher-grade PVC roofing products that can be used on the roof of your home, but you will want to ask your roofing contractor about these products before you have them installed on your home. PVC products are a durable and affordable solution for the roofing on many areas of your home.

2. Stamped Metal Roofing Products

Stamped metal roofing can come in many different patterns, which can resemble shakes, slate and tile roofs. These products are durable and will last for decades. They may cost a little more than asphalt shingles, but the price difference is not that much. You will also not have to replace metal roofing like you will with many of the other roofing products available on the market, which makes it an ideal roofing solution for your home. If you use a lighter colored product, it can also help save energy during the warmer months; making these metal products and ideal roofing solution for warmer climates.

3. Synthetic And Rubber Roofing Materials

Synthetic and rubber roofing products are relatively new, but are very durable and affordable. These are a great alternative to materials like slate and tiles, which can be fragile; often requiring repairs to cracked and broken tiles. Synthetic roofing products are also lightweight, which means that you will not need to extra support for roof loads. These products are ideal for replacing tiles and slates, or they can be used for tear-off and re-roofing of asphalt shingle roofs.

These are some of the alternatives to conventional roofing that you can have installed on your roof. If you want to use one of these affordable roofing solutions on your home, contact a roofing service and ask them about using one of these products to roof your home.