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How To Restore Your Patio Deck After Water Damage

If your wooden deck is not properly sealed, it could end up having severe water damage after a few years. Usually, this water damage only occurs in small spots where the stain was too thin and water seeped in. However, repairing these damaged areas is not too difficult. This article will explain how to repair water damage on a wooden deck.

Fixing Problems ASAP

Of course, when it comes to water damage the key is to fix it as soon as possible. This is why it is suggested that you restain your deck every two years. You might need to do this even more often if you live in an area with severe weather or extremely wet winters. One way to spot water damage is to look for swelling. If wood becomes waterlogged, it will become swollen and lumpy. To fix waterlogged wooden planks you should plan on doing your work when there is no rain in the forecast. You can also use tarps to cover the area so there is no overnight water damage from dew.

If you can access underneath your deck, you can drill small holes in the swollen area to let it breathe. You can speed up the drying process by using fans or space heaters. You want to let the swelling subside before you start to work on affected area. Once the swelling has completely gone away, there's a good chance that your deck will be flat again and it might even look as good as new. However, this does not mean that the wood is cured.

Restaining the Deck

You will now want to sand the surface of the affected area before you restain it. Use a vibrating sander to smooth out the area. Do not use a disc sander because it will remove too much of the wood, making the surface uneven. You want to apply several coats of stain so the surface is waterproof. Applying the stain can be done with a traditional paint brush or with rags. For the most durable stain job, you should resand the planks between each coat. This will also make the surface smoother in the end. It is usually easier to restain the entire deck, as opposed to just restaining the damaged area. Otherwise, it could be hard to match the stain color. The stain on the deck will have faded due to sun exposure. Restaining the entire deck will give it a more uniform finish.

If you have major water damage instead of damage to small areas, consider hiring a professional, like Wetherington Restoration & Remodeling Inc