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Natural Cedar Decking As An Alternative To Ugly Pressure Treated Or Composite Decking

Few home add-ons can add the same kind of class that a handsome natural cedar deck can, and with its rot-resistant nature and deep red or white color, cedar can enhance the look and quality of your deck in ways other materials can't. Not only is cedar a smart buy in terms of value and looks, but a natural cedar deck is also good for the environment, keeping harmful chemicals associated with pressure treated wood out of your backyard. 

Naturally Rot Resistant

One of the most attractive features of cedar is that it does not succumb to rot and insects as easily as other types of wood, which can save a lot of headaches in the long run, especially in warmer and more humid climates. Cedar is exceptionally hard, making it difficult for insects to feed off of it. The same cannot be said for natural pine or other similar soft woods. This also means that, should a renovation or some other factor mean your deck is no more, the material from it can be upcycled into another project, as the wood will pick up character with age, making it attractive to use in carving or turning projects. 

The Problem with Pressure Treated

Pressure treated pine is one of the most popular building materials in the nation today, mostly because it is cheap and offers many of the advantages of a superior wood like cedar, though there are distinct disadvantages that turn off many homeowners. For starters, pressure treated wood contains dozens of harmful chemicals, even arsenic, which does not break down in the soil and cause trouble to the environment for years. Pressure treated also has a tendency to crack and dry out, weakening your deck over time and causing yet another project down the road. These pitfalls, along with the unnatural and unappealing yellow-gray color of the lumber make this an undesirable choice for such a prominent project as a deck. 

Limitations of Composite

Aside from the aesthetics of composite decking, which can make it feel like you're on an elementary school playground, composite decking can be incredibly difficult to work with. Most builders who do work with composite decking use screws which have a reversed thread, which can be extremely costly and sap hundreds of dollars from your budget on top of the already high cost of the decking itself. 

If you want to add style and class to your deck for decades to come, cedar decking through a company like Rocky Mountain Forest Products, is your answer. With its natural advantages over newer manmade materials, cedar decking is the perfect choice for all of your decking projects, whether it's a brand new patio or a new set of stairs off your existing deck, or anything in between.