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Flushing Foes: Things To Avoid Flushing During Your Spring Cleaning Extravaganza

Between dusting away cobwebs and washing down walls, at several points during your spring cleaning efforts, you will be found in the bathrooms of your home. With all of the trash you find in the vicinity, it is easy to just toss those unwanted items in the toilet and watch them get flushed right out with last year's dirt. As convenient as it is to flush down what you no longer need or find tucked away in the corners of your home, there are some things that will wreak havoc on your plumbing system with just one flush. Here are a few things you should keep out of the toilet during your spring cleaning extravaganza.

Old Cleaning Sponges

Once you have made your rounds with a sponge to wipe all of the grime off the walls and the floor in the bathroom, there is a good chance you will no longer want to use it for anything else in the house. You may be tempted to toss old spent sponges in the toilet and give them a flush, but this is really not a good idea. Sponges not only expand the longer they are in water, but they can get caught in the drain line and hinder the ability to flush anything else.

Heavy Paper Products

Paper towels, wet wipes, and premoistened cleaning cloths will probably be part of your cleaning ammo when you step into the bathroom for major cleaning. With one wipe, greasy grime will be all trapped on the cloth, and you should toss it right in the trash. However, the toilet is right there and the trash is overflowing, so you toss it down and flush instead. These heavy paper products can be a big problem in the septic system and can easily cause a clog.

Kitty Litter

You get so caught up in cleaning activities and flushing away dirt, you decide to dump Mr. Kitty's litter down the toilet. After all, it is just waste and clumps of clay. However, that clumping capability that makes clay good for this purpose also means that the mess can clump in your septic system, causing a major problem. Therefore, dumping kitty litter in the trash is a much better solution.

When you really get into the spirit of spring cleaning, you can be like a whirlwind zipping through your home trying to whisk away any sign of trash and dirt. However, make sure you avoid having to call for plumbing services by putting trash in the right receptacle besides the toilet.