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3 Practical Ways To Get Rid Of Drain Clogs

If you have lived in a house long enough, you probably know just how frustrating a clogged drain can be. When your drain is clogged, you might end up paying upwards of $300, depending on the severity of your issue. Because of this, you should keep the contact information of a drain cleaning contractor handy. However, there are some remedies that you can try first, which might save you a bit of money. Try some of the following clogged drain cures and if they don't work, pick up the phone and call a licensed and insured drain cleaning professional from a company like Royal-T-Rooter Service.

#1: Use A Heavily Concentrated Salt Water Solution

One of the best ways to work on your clogged drain, while also getting rid of rotted food odors, is to use a brine solution. A brine solution is a heavily concentrated salt water solution that can loosen some of the toughest clogs. This can soften the source of the clog, so that you won't have to deal it anymore. This is an incredibly cheap solution to at least try out before you plunk down serious money on clearing the drain. 

#2: Use A Vinegar And Baking Soda Mix

Vinegar and baking soda have been known to handle a lot of tasks and clearing a drain is among them. When you mix boiling water, vinegar and baking soda, you can create a reaction that will get rid of a stuffed drain. Since this is a natural creation, you also don't have to worry about causing damage to your drain. You should use about a half cup of baking soda, along with a cup of vinegar, for best results. 

#3: Use A Wet And Dry Vacuum

If you want to get rid of your drain clog manually, you can do it if you have a wet and dry vacuum with suction power. This will make it easy for you to turn on the hose and directly pull the clogged particle out of the drain. This will free up space for water to flow and will make it so that you removed the clog without using any chemicals or products. 

When you want to get the best drain cleaning work for your kitchen, bathroom or other area, it pays to use products that will be helpful. Take full advantage of these tips and don't hesitate to hire a licensed and insured drain technician if you need further assistance.