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The Role Maintenance Plays In Avoiding Air Conditioning Repairs

If it seems that your air conditioner always seems to fail on the hottest days of the year. The problem behind the need for these frequent repairs may be a lack of proper maintenance. In the absence of proper AC maintenance, your cooling system may not be able to handle the additional stress that comes with rising temperatures. Below you will learn more about the types of maintenance your air conditioner requires and how performing this maintenance can help you to avoid frequent or expensive repairs in the future.

Monthly Maintenance

Your central air conditioning unit will require some very basic maintenance on a monthly basis. In order to perform this maintenance, begin by locating the air filter that is typically found behind your main intake vent or in a drawer positioned directly beneath your main AC unit. Once you have located this filter, remove the old filter and replace it with a new filter of the exact same size. Just that quickly, you will be done with your monthly air conditioning maintenance.

While the monthly maintenance your AC unit requires may be minimal, it is also extremely important. This is because your air filter is responsible for keeping dust, pet dander, and other debris out of your air conditioning system.

In the absence of a clean air filter, this debris will be allowed to build up inside your AC unit. It will begin to coat your compressor coils and ultimately restrict the flow of air and cause your compressor coils to freeze over. Taking just a few seconds each month to replace this filter will allow you to avoid these costly problems.

Annual Maintenance

Your air conditioning unit will also require maintenance on an annual basis. Again, the role you play in performing this maintenance should only take you a few minutes. This is because the only thing that will be required of you is to pick up the phone and contact a local HVAC contractor, like Springer Bros Air Conditioning-Heating LLC, to schedule your annual maintenance service, your contractor will take care of the rest.

As part of the annual maintenance service that your HVAC contractor provides, your air conditioning system will be cleaned, inspected, and lubricated. Your coolant levels will also be checked and recharged if necessary.

While this annual maintenance will require a small investment on your part, this investment will pale in comparison to the cost of repairing your air conditioning unit even a single time.