Signs Your Asphalt Roof Needs to Be Repaired

5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

If you are selling your home now, or plan to some time in the future, there are ways you can add value to it. Making some small upgrades, such as stainless steel appliances, updated bathroom, and granite countertops makes your home look even more appealing to buyers, and helps it to stand out in the market. You can also add more living space, create curb appeal, and add a second bathroom.


Making some kitchen renovations can add value to your home. You may consider installing granite or marble countertops, replacing your cabinets or painting your current ones, adding a backsplash on the wall, installing under counter lighting, and updating your appliances. You should also consider the floor, and replace it with updated tiles, a wood floor, and more. If you install new tiles, you can make the floor look unique with different patterns and colors.


There are many ways you can update your bathroom. You could retile the floor, install a large soaking tab, a shower with a glass enclosure, and install new fixtures. You can also put a marble or granite countertop in your bathroom. You may want to consider adding a second bathroom if you currently only have one. This is important to many homebuyers. Replacing an older bathtub and toilet can also add to its appeal. Freshen up the room by adding new lighting fixtures, linens, and more.


The exterior of your home is the first thing a homebuyer will see. Replacing your siding or painting your current siding is important. Replace your windows if your current windows are old. You can also add a flower garden, or put container flowers on your front porch. You may want to add shrubs to increase the value even more. A landscaper can help you create a beautiful yard.

Increase Your Living Space

Add a sunroom or a deck to your home to increase the living space. If you have a large attic, you could turn it into a bedroom with custom seating, lighting, and windows. Add a patio outside and put outdoor furniture on it, along with a barbecue.

Green Improvements

Add some spray foam insulation to your home to improve the energy efficiency. Install a more efficient cooling and heating system, or solar heating and geothermal pumps. These green improvements can make your home stand out from other homes currently on the market.

Making these changes to your home can help you sell your home quicker, as well as make it more comfortable for you and your family. Talk to a professional like A. Padilla Marble, Inc. to see which upgrades are best for your home.