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How To Trim A Maple Tree

Maple trees are prone to diseases and overcrowded growth that requires regular trimming. The primary challenge with this process is determining which limbs to remove. If you can use a pruning saw and lopping shears, you can use the following steps to trim a maple tree.

Step 1. Select the correct time.

The best time to trim a maple tree is in the late fall or early winter, when the tree becomes dormant. Trimming at this time minimizes the impact on the tree, since it isn't actively growing.

Step 2. Choose the diseased limbs.

Mark the diseased limbs that you wish to cut by tying colored tape around them. The origin of these limbs should generally be at least six feet off the ground.

This strategy will cause the remaining limb to grow downward, allowing new growth to fill the space left by the cut limb. Removing limbs at a higher level is generally impractical since it would require you to climb the tree itself instead of simply climbing a step ladder.

Step 3. Choose the crowded limbs.

Mark limbs that are growing too close to each other. These limbs need to be cut to prevent abnormal growth that occurs when adjacent limbs run into each other as they grow. These sections will be harder to trim if you wait for them to get bigger.

Step 4. Perform essential trimming.

Place a step ladder under the limbs, and instruct an assistant to hold the ladder steady as you climb it.

Trim the limbs at their origin where they connect to the trunk or a larger branch. Trim the diseased sections without cutting limbs with healthy buds as much as possible.

Cut the largest limbs in the middle of the tree first and then progress to the smaller limbs on the periphery of the tree. Large limbs may require a pruning saw, while smaller limbs should be cut with lopping shears.

Step 5. Perform cosmetic trimming.

Once you've removed the limbs necessary for maintaining the tree's health, you can perform the cosmetic trimming. The purpose of this trimming is usually to simply provide the tree with a pleasant shape, but it can also involve trimming the tree to look like a particular object or character.

Contact a tree-trimming specialist in your area if you need a professional, such as Shadywood Tree Experts & Landscaping Inc., to prune your maple tree. These specialists can also perform many other services for your trees.