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4 Shocking Things You Probably Didn't Know About Diseased Trees On Your Property

Diseased trees on your property might not seem like a big deal, but they can become very dangerous and costly if you fail to have them removed from your property. Below are four shocking things you probably didn't know about the diseased trees on your property, along with the consequences of keeping them on your property. 

Diseased Trees Can Fall At Any Time, Despite The Appearance Of The Bark

It's possible for a tree to rot from the inside out. Sometimes, a diseased tree will simply become brittle, instead of showing outward signs of rot or decay. Either way, it's crucial to have an arborist visit your property on a scheduled basis, especially if the trees in your neighborhood have been identified for carrying a pathogen. Otherwise, your trees might present a physical disaster waiting to take place on your property. 

You'll Be Held Responsible If Your Diseased Tree Falls On A Neighbor's Property

If your neighbor's property line is close enough to your property, there's a great chance that trees on your property could fall on theirs. Of course, this will damage your neighbor's home and impact their personal safety.

After their home insurance inspectors identify that your diseased trees caused the damage, you'll be liable for paying for your neighbor's property damage compensation claim. Usually, your neighbor will receive financial compensation from their insurance company, and the insurance company will bill you in return for the compensation paid.  

You'll Pay For Damage To Your Property If You Fail To Have Your Diseased Trees Removed

Your home insurance policy underwriters take the position that diseased or damaged tree removal is a part of responsibly maintaining your property to the best of your abilities. If it's proven that you've neglected your responsibilities, and if your tree falls and causes damage, your policy underwriters can hold you financially responsible. They can refuse to pay your insurance claim, because the damage could have been prevented. 

Your Home Insurance Policy Might Not Pay For Tree Removal, Only Damages

On the other hand, if you didn't know that your trees were diseased, or if they are knocked down during storms, your home insurance policy underwriters will usually compensate you for damage. Your policy might even cover you for the removal of a tree that is stuck on your damaged house or stand-alone garage.

However, they might not compensate you for hauling the tree off of your property. It's crucial that you select a policy that covers you or compensates you for tree removal. Then, find a tree removal company that accepts insurance payments for the job. 

It's very simple to avoid these outcomes by scheduling a visit with a tree removal company (such as Charleston Stump Stompers and Tree Service, Inc.). They can diagnose your trees, and they'll remove them before they fall and cause grave damage.